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  • Areas of Pest Control Expertise

  • Yellow Jackets are by far the most aggressive type of wasps. They can be easily distinguished from bees by their thin waist, and black and yellow body.

  • Wasps become active in spring, summer and fall and can build nests in walls, gutters, eaves, attics, and around your outdoor garden

  • Stink bugs release a foul smelling odor to avoid predators, which also releases chemicals that attract other stink bugs, thus quickly infesting an area.

  • Spiders can be found indoors all year round, but especially common during late summer and fall. 

  • Bees and hornets become active in spring, summer and fall & can build nests in patios, walls, attics & underground as well as other areas of your garden & driveway.

  • Carpenter Ants are active during summer & fall and likely to be found in kitchens, bathrooms & pantries, usually nesting inside the walls & wooden structures. 

  • Odorous ants are active in spring, summer and fall, especially during rainy periods. Indoors, odorous ants can build colonies in walls, attics and beneath the floors.

  • Mice and rats can torment your home, by causing damage to your food, foundation, electrical system, and spreading diseases to you and your loved ones. 

  • Carpenter bees are a large wood baring bee that drills into dead wood, or structural timbers, such as your home, to build their nest.

  • Lady bugs can exponentially grow in number in a short amount of time, and can pose a serious threat to your garden and a nuisance inside your home

  • Moles are small animals that mostly live underground. Moles are extremely damaging to your yard and landscape, because they tirelessly dig tunnels throughout.

  • Bumble bees are active in spring, summer and fall and can build nests in patios, walls, attics, and underground as well as other areas of your outdoor garden and driveway. 

  • Pavement ants are one of the most common kitchen and household pests found in North America. As its name states, pavement ants make their home in pavement and are most common in spring and summer.

  • Millipedes pray on decaying wood and plants, and usually are most abundant in the spring, during the rainy season.

  • Centipedes are worm-like creatures with one pair of legs per body segment. They can have a varying number of legs from under 20 to over 300.

  • Our professional staff at Chagrin Valley Pest Control can handle and exterminate your Silverfish infestation.

  • Earwigs are insects that have a characteristic pair of forceps pincers on their abdomen. 

  • Firebrats are insects very similar to the Silverfish and are abundant in the warm seasons. They are usually found outdoors but when they find their way indoors they become a pest. 

  • Sow bugs are a pest similar to Pillbugs. Technically, they are a crustacean so they are closer to the crayfish family rather than insects. They can be found in humid environments but often end up indoors.

  • Boxelders are bugs whom homeowners get acquainted with in the fall, as they try to make their way into their homes as weather becomes to cool down. They are dark brown or black in color with red wings.

  • WDI Clears and Treatments

    W.D.I. stands for wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and beetles. If you are buying or selling a home, it is a good idea to be safe not sorry and have a pest inspection done by a licensed pest control company.