• Moles vs. Voles

  • The Difference Between Moles and Voles

    This time of year right after the snow melts off your yard many times you will see that there have been tunnels dug all through your yard and flower beds.  When you see these there are two likely culprits, moles and voles, but how do you tell the difference?  And even more importantly how do you solve the problem?  The first way to tell the difference is in where the majority of the tunnels are.  If the tunnels are concentrated in the yard,then it is most likely moles.  If the tunnels are more concentrated in the beds, then it is most likely voles.  This is because of the difference in diet between the two, moles live off a diet of more invertebrate insects such as worms, and grubs.  Knowing their diet many people will put own poisons that kill the grubs, in hopes the moles will lose their food source, and move on from their yard.  Unfortunately their are two things wrong with this approach: first that there is no guarantee that the moles are feeding of grubs, and second this poison has to end up somewhere (hopefully not your drinking water.)  Voles on the other hand have a diet that consists more of more vegetation such as grasses, and roots of trees and shrubs.  This is why you will see the majority of vole tunneling in the flower beds, around trees, and shrubs.  Also another sign of a vole infestation is that your trees and shrubs can start to die due to their roots being eaten.  Clearly in the case of voles poisoning will not work.  So what should you do?  Is there any good solution to getting rid of moles and voles?  The only real solution is to trap them, which takes knowledge, and training, both of which our technicians have.  So if you have moles or voles just give us a call at 216-348-3379.