• Quarterly Pest Control

  • Quarterly Pest Control Keeps Your Home Pest Free

    Pest control is a year round service, that many people believe is limited to the warmer spring and summer months, while more pests are active during these months, there are many that during the colder months will move into your home.  Some of the most common pests that will do this are mice, spiders, and stink bugs.  Mice are quite amazing little creatures, they only require about a quarter inch sized hole in order to get into your house, making finding these holes rather difficult.  Having mice in your house can lead to sanitation issues, and sometimes they will even chew through wiring, leading to bigger problems in your home.  Spiders, and stink bugs are nuisance pests, but can be difficult to treat as they enter the house through window and door frames, under siding, through the chimney, or any other small gap they can fit through.  Being proactive with all these pests is less invasive, and much more effective than waiting until you have a problem.  If you are on a regular quarterly pest control program with us we will make sure that your house is ready for these pests prior to the colder winter months, and this gives you year round coverage ensuring your house is kept pest free.