• Yellow Jackets Pest Control & Extermination

  • Yellow Jackets are by far the most aggressive type of wasps. They can be easily distinguished from bees by their thin waist, and black and yellow body.

    Yellow Jackets usually nest in the walls of your home, in the ground, driveways, patios and lawns around the house . If a nest is disturbed, such as walking over it or running it over with your lawn mower, Yellow Jackets can become very aggressive and sting. Yellow Jackets can sting multiple times.

    Can I remove yellow jackets nests myself?

    Yellow jackets pest control and extermination is dangerous, so call us to take care of your problems and receive guaranteed, professional service. Our technicians are equipped with a yellow jackets suit and a special hood to protect from stings.

    Do not spray yellow jackets nests and risk driving them inside your house call us first and do not seal or block their entry holes they will be forced into your home creating an emergency situation.

    Call now for our yellow jacket pest control and extermination service.