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Caught 2 Rats & A Mouse

Today we were near one of our regular customers in Cleveland Heights, who had been battling some rats, so we called her to see if we could stop by to check how everything was there. When she answered the phone she told us that she was indeed home, and that we could stop by anytime, so we headed over. When we arrived we found that progress was definitely being made as we had caught 2 rats, and one mouse. We removed these from the traps, re-set the traps, and checked all of her bait stations. This house is a very nice, and very clean place, so sanitation is not the problem here, it can be a contributing factor, but usually is not the cause of the problem. When you live in a city, rats usually come from a break in the sewer line, and since their teeth are continuously growing, they will chew through almost anything, including cement! This can make controlling rats a very difficult problem, and you may be wondering what can I do? Well hopefully you don’t have this problem, but if you do, just give us a call, and our pest control experts will make sure that your problem is resolved quickly, we can be reached at 216-348-3379.

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