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Exposed Mouse Bait in an Office

When dealing with mice, a lot of people think simply putting out poison is the solution to the problem. While this can reduce the number of mice, and in some instances solve your problem, it is not the best method. One of the things that you must consider is when you put out exposed bait, or poison, it puts small children and pets at risk. It only takes a second of you not paying attention for a dog to get into the poison, and if this is not caught in time it can lead to the death of your pet. This is why we use only bait in a lock box, and are also very conscious of the placement of these stations.

Today we got a call from an office building that had been experiencing problems with mice for a while. They finally had enough, and decided that they needed the help of a professional. Upon inspecting the premises we found exposed D-Con bait trays throughout the office. To make matters worse the owner often brought his dog to work, which meant he was putting his dog at risk. We removed all the D-Con, and replaced it with our lock box bait stations. We were also able to identify a couple of spots that the mice were coming in. We then sealed these entry points up, which is the most important part of getting rid of a mouse problem. So if you are having a problem with mice, don’t simply put out poison and think your problem is solved. Putting mouse bait out is a temporary solution at best. If you want you problem solved, give us a call at 216-348-3379

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