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Giant Spider In My Garage!!

Today we received a call from one of our regular quarterly customers saying that she had just walked out to her garage to discover that there was a giant spider in it. Being afraid of spiders, she decided to call us immediately. Fortunately for her, we had a crew that was just around the corner from her, so they were able to stop over within minutes of her calling. When we arrived on site we found a large black spider sitting in the middle of the garage floor, our technician walked over to it, and stepped on it, but nothing happened!! This clearly was no average spider, so our technician took a closer look, and discovered that this was a plastic spider that had been left over from Halloween decorations. Since we were already there, we made sure that everything was still good at her house, checking all of her mouse bait stations, and making sure that her house was free of any real spiders. Because she is a quarterly customer, there was no additional charge for us to come out, and take care of her enormous fake spider. When you are one of our customers we make sure that you get the best care, no matter what the problem, real, or imaginary. If you are having any pest problems simply give us a call at 216-348-3379 and one of our experienced technicians will get out there for you.

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