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Mouse Droppings Found During Inspection

Many people wisely choose to have a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection done when in the process of buying a new home. When we do these inspections the focus is clearly on wood destroying insects, but we also will make the buyer aware of any other pests that are present, so that if they choose to, they can take care of any pests prior to moving in to their new home. Common non-wood destroying pests that we find during inspections are mice, spiders, stink bugs, and a few others. Today in doing an inspection in Pepper Pike Ohio, we found evidence of mice in the garage, basement, and attic. This may seem like a lot of places to find mice, but is actually not uncommon to see in houses in this area, in fact it is more rare to find no evidence of mice. As the weather gets colder mice, like us tend to seek shelter and warmth which is why we see more activity inside our homes in the colder months. They can easily enter and exit a house as they only need a hole about 1/4 of an inch wide, or just slightly larger than the size of a pencil. Once inside your home a mouse will tend to stay hidden keeping to areas like crawl spaces, attics, and even inside your walls. Evidence that mice are present in your home usually comes when they come out at night in search of food, you will find items gnawed on, droppings, and sometimes even here a scratching sound in your wall. If you have a problem with mice, you should call us at 216-348-3379, because our pest control experts will not only know how to properly bait, and trap for mice, but also will seal up entry points into your house, creating a long term solution to your problem.

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