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Scratching Sound in My Ceiling

Today we received a call from a customer who had been hearing a noise coming from her attic. Diagnosing what is going on at someone’s house over the phone can sometimes be tricky. It becomes even harder when they have not seen anything, and are only experiencing a sound. The different animals that can be making that sound are mice, chipmunks, squirrels, and even raccoons. Knowing that all of these are possible, and determining the difference takes a lot of knowledge. She described a scratching sound, that was not very loud, but at night was very annoying. From her description of the scratching sound, and through a series of questions, our technician was able to determine that the noise she was hearing was from a mouse. We arrived at her house in Twinsburg Ohio to find that she not only had mouse droppings in the attic, but also in the basement. Our technicians set up a combination of bait stations, and snap traps based on what we saw going on there. We also went around the exterior and searched for entry points, something that we do whenever doing a treatment for mice. We found several points around her house that were possible ways for mice to get in, and sealed those locations for her. Whenever dealing with a scratching sound in an attic space, it can take some time for it to go away completely, but with our expertise we guarantee that we will take care of it. If you have a problem with mice, or are hearing a scratching sound coming from your attic, and do not know what it is, give us a call at 216-348-3379.

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