Yellow Jackets Nest

Today we got a call about a yellow jackets nest, and some ants, at a house in Bainbridge. When we arrived at the house, we went around back to find this being built on the back of her house (see picture below.) Our technicians were able to vacuum the bees, freeze them, which we will later send to a company to make a vaccine for those allergic to bee stings. Once they had collected as many bees as they could, they were able to safely remove the nest, and prevent a new one from forming. After the yellow jackets were taken care of, our technicians were also able to take care of her carpenter ants as well. If you need help with carpenter ants, or yellow jackets, give us a call at 216-348-3379.

Freezing Yellow Jackets

Today we got a call from one of our customers in Chardon, Ohio about a buzzing noise he was hearing in his crawl space behind some insulation. After investigating the crawl space we discovered a bumble bee nest behind the insulation blanket. We treated, and removed this nest. Then in our routine check of the perimeter of the house, we discovered a yellow jacket nest forming on the outside of his garage. Our technicians were able to vacuum up a large portion of these yellow jackets to freeze, and then send out to a company that makes a vaccine that cures people who are allergic to bees. This is just one example of many, of our technicians going above and beyond to make sure that our customers get the best pest control service. Give us a call for all of your pest control needs at 216-348-3379.

Yellow Jackets Nest in a Bathroom Vent

Today one of our customers called us after discovering a Yellow Jackets nest near her bathroom vent on the back of her house. Our team got out to her house in Aurora, Ohio the same day to take care of the situation. Within hours of her calling the wasps were removed.  If you should discover that you need our pest control services just give us a call at 216-348-3379.

Inside a Live Bald Face Hornets Nest

It’s not often that you get to see inside a hornet nest, but this bald face hornets nest built on the outside of a window. We came across this as we were called to do pest control at a house in Bainbridge Ohio. While this is a cool nest to look at, it is still not something you want on your home, our pest control experts were able to exterminate, and remove this nest.

If you have hornet pest control problems, and need our services just give us a call at 216-348-3379, and our experts will take care of your needs.

Wasps Pest Control Season Is In Full Swing

June is here and Summer is in full effect in Solon, Twinsburg, Hudson and the communities in Northeast Ohio. Triggered by a long winter, it wasn’t until earlier this month that spring began manifesting and gushing the midwest with rain and floods.

As temperatures are starting to creep up in the 80s, wasps and bees are starting to make their presence known around yards and homes.

Remember, handling wasps and bees nests and extermination is tricky and dangerous, so always call Chagrin Valley Pest Control for professional, prompt and reliable pest control services.

Our professional staff at Chagrin Valley Pest Control can handle and exterminate your wasps infestation.

Call now for our wasps pest control and extermination service.

Mole Pest Control in the Spring, After the Snow of a Bad Winter Melts

After the snow melts, your landscape and garden is vulnerable to mole pest damage. These are the signs of a mole and/or vole problem:

  • Small holes in your yard and/or your flower beds
  • Piles of dirt throughout your yard and/or flower beds
  • Lines of dead grass in your yard

Although spring’s here on paper, the Midwest is still battling one of the worst winters in decades. However, the snowstorms are getting rarer and sunny days are increasing and soon enough your yard will get a much awaited chance to breathe.

It is this time of the year that most mole pest control issues happen. To the shock of homeowners when the snow melts, their yard might look like this:

Moles and voles dig tunnels throughout the yard and garden, and due to stagnant snow accumulation the tunnels don’t go completely underground thus ruining your landscape.

Call Us For Mole Pest Control, Extermination and Removal

Our exterminators have been trained by one of the leading experts in mole pest control extermination and our method are effective.

Yellow Jackets in Our House!

Today we got a call from a woman who had been finding dead yellow jackets in her house every day for the past week, and was unable to find out where the nest was. Our technicians arrived at her house in Bedford, quickly identified the nest, and were able to take care of her problem. They also found a couple potential ways the yellow jackets were making it into the house, and seal those holes up. While at the house she also mentioned that she had been consistently getting carpenter ants in her house. We were also able to take care of this problem, without having to schedule another appointment. If you have any problems with yellow jackets, carpenter ants, or any other pests just give us a call at 216-348-3379.