Winter Pest Control

Winter is coming! Just like every other season in Ohio, winter brings with it specific pests that will invade your home. This is the time of year that pests try to take over your home to keep warm. The pests that you will often find in your house this time of year are pavement ants, mice, and spiders. Just like any other pests, this requires a unique treatment in order to properly rid your house of them, or to prevent them from coming in the first place. There are many pests that people see invade their homes this time of year, the most common being mice, pavement ants, spiders, and stink bugs. Mice are very good at finding ways into your home, all they need is about a pencil sized hole to get in. Once inside your house they will be evident by their droppings, and the occasional sighting. If they get into your pantry, it can lead to food being eaten, and contaminated.

Mice, along with spiders head into your house for warmth, and shelter. Spiders, while the natural species to the area are not harmful, they are unsightly. Spiders are one of the tougher insects to control, as their bodies are usually far away from any treatment with their long legs. Being on a regular maintenance program is the best way to keep the spiders away. Stink bugs will also come into your house in search of warmth. In recent years the brown marmorated stink bug has been invading Ohio, originating from China. They can get into your home through any small crack or crevice, making prevention the best method of control.

Pavement ants are a tiny ant only getting up to around 3mm in length. They nest under stones, sidewalks, foundations, or even in walls. They are most commonly seen in a slab house, and are a year round pest as they come in foraging for food. The first sign of pavement ants is the worker ants searching for food in your home. Once a larger number of ants are present, small piles of dirt can be found as the excavate for their nest. If you want to get your home ready for the winter months, give us a call at 216-348-3379.

Giant Spider In My Garage!!

Today we received a call from one of our regular quarterly customers saying that she had just walked out to her garage to discover that there was a giant spider in it. Being afraid of spiders, she decided to call us immediately. Fortunately for her, we had a crew that was just around the corner from her, so they were able to stop over within minutes of her calling. When we arrived on site we found a large black spider sitting in the middle of the garage floor, our technician walked over to it, and stepped on it, but nothing happened!! This clearly was no average spider, so our technician took a closer look, and discovered that this was a plastic spider that had been left over from Halloween decorations. Since we were already there, we made sure that everything was still good at her house, checking all of her mouse bait stations, and making sure that her house was free of any real spiders. Because she is a quarterly customer, there was no additional charge for us to come out, and take care of her enormous fake spider. When you are one of our customers we make sure that you get the best care, no matter what the problem, real, or imaginary. If you are having any pest problems simply give us a call at 216-348-3379 and one of our experienced technicians will get out there for you.

Spider Webs In Our Basement & Garage

Spiders are one of the most common household pests, and while rarely are they dangerous in Northeast Ohio, they can still be very frightening. Spiders feed off of other insects, and make there webs in order to catch their prey. The most common areas of a home that spiders are found in are basements, attics, and garages. As the weather gets colder spiders are noticed inside the house more and more, because the warmth inside allows them to flourish. Since there are a large number of species of spiders, there is a wide variety of behaviors and habitats that spiders enjoy. Some enjoy damp areas of the house such as basements and crawl spaces, others are more prone to be found in dry areas such as you living areas. One of the most common, and intimidating types of spider in our area is the Wolf Spider, at the onset of fall they seek out warmer areas, and are often found inside your home. Today we went to a house in Twinsburg Ohio that was having a problem with Wolf Spiders. We arrived at her house, did an exterior treatment, and then proceeded inside the home, where we knocked down any webs that we could find. When treating for these it is important to create a barrier around the entire house to prevent new spiders from coming in, and at the same time it is important to get rid of any spiders that are present in the home. If you leave spiders inside the home, they will continue to breed, and your problem will not go away. With our expertise, and experience we are able to squash any spider problem for you, just give us a call at 216-348-3379.

Spiders in Gates Mills

Today we went to a customers house who had been having a problem with spiders throughout her entire house. We were able to make it to her home in Gates Mills, and do an exterior treatment for her, all while she was at work. Doing an exterior treatment for spiders is ideal because it keeps chemicals outside your home, and keeps spiders from entering. She now has a 90 day guarantee for this service, and if she still has a problem with spiders all she has to do is give us a call, and if you have any pest control needs you can do the same at 216-348-3379 and we will get you a free estimate.

Fall is in the air!

We are just over halfway through the month of September, and the feeling of fall is already here. If you are thinking to yourself “where did summer go” you are not alone. Now that the cooler temperatures of fall are here, this means that you will begin to see different types of pest problems in your home. The three most common things you will see this time of year are ants, mice, and spiders. There are many names for the small ants that invade your home this time of year, and they are drawn in by the warmth, and any food source, which is why they are often found in the kitchen. Mice come into your house for the same basic reasons as ants do, they are seeking warmth, and food as both of these become more and more scarce as the weather gets colder. Spiders are more prevalent in the colder months due to the increase of other bug activity inside during these months, as the insects are their food source. Before your house gets overrun by ants, mice, and spiders, give us a call at 216-348-3379 for a free quote, and to schedule an appointment.

Large Spider Found In Ohio

The Carolina Wolf Spider is a large silver haired spider, that is approximately the size of your palm!! If you have arachnophobia this is one you definitely would not like to come across. While they are intimidating to look at, they are not a spider that is likely to bite, they are more inclined to flee when approached by something larger than them. They may bite if they feel threatened, and are unable to escape the threat. Click the link below for an article about the spider that was found in Ohio. If you are in need of pest control call us at 216-348-3379.